7 Amazing Dance Crazes From Around the World!

7 Amazing Dance Crazes From Around the World!

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admin7 Amazing Dance Crazes From Around the World!

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  1. MinecraftLagoonBros

    #stumpearnest find me a video of a kid flying wearing rainbow jumpsuit,
    skydiving from huge building while singing the alphabet backwards <3

  2. Arty Owl

    Ehh.. The haka isn’t a craze.. It’s traditional and ancestral and taught
    around the country. In NZ basically every primary school student has
    performed it at least once and knows the Maori lyrics. But yes when
    performed well it makes anyone look epic no matter what their age is.

  3. Danny Cano

    I personally love Shuffling originally just did Hardstyle but know I tend
    to mix it in with other forms of dance to create a fusion of dance that i
    feel is some what original :D As I get better I will post even more dance
    videos on my channel so I practice a lot lol

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