A Closer Look At Java Jobs

Technology has been a blessing in more ways than one. It has changed the way we function in our day-to-day lives, right from our homes to our workplace. It is such a big influence in today’s culture that one cannot imagine working without a computer. One of the biggest hiring fields has been Java programming.

Java, a programming language developed in 1995, has been the driving force of the computer programming since it was developed by Sun Microsystems. Java’s strength lays in its program once, use anywhere application style. Being such a widely used programming language, the pace that is demanded of its programmers is fast.

Like most fast paced industries, java application developers are often expected to have high skill set to do the job. Whether you are starting off as an entry-level java developer or experienced personnel, experience is the key. You need to have the initiative to not just learn the language, but also to be an expert in it. There are numerous online resources and books available that can help you learn the language. With thousands of programmers out there with the programming experience, you need to develop the niche that will make you stand out. Doing freelance programming jobs can be an option where you can experiment with your programming while developing a good portfolio. Once you develop your skill set, prepare for the interview by researching about the company, the job and the typical questions that are asked in a java-programming interview. If you are asked a question that you don’t have an answer for, be honest.

One of the biggest attributes of the programming industry that makes it so attractive is the high pay scale. Computer industry is known to pay good salaries and java programming is no exception. The salaries generally range from $ 70,000-85,000 annually for a person with 2-3 year experience. With five years of experience and a good portfolio, you can command $ 95,000 annually. The salary was one of the main reasons why people flocked to Java programming in the late 1990s during the tech boom.

With so many programmers out there who already know the language, creativity becomes essential. As a developer and programmer, you need to be creative with your codes. Computer industry has very talented programmers but very few creative ones and that might just be the niche you are looking for while trying to find a java programming job.

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