Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency

As a fresh graduate in any respective discipline, it is advisable to use the services of a recruitment agency when he or she is looking for a job as a finance manager, business development manager, marketing manager, sales manager or any banking jobs. The reason is simply because fresh grads don’t have the relevant working experience and therefore, have to rely on their academic transcripts and performance during a job interview just to clinch the first job upon graduation.

The advantage of using a recruitment agency is that the fresh grad does not have to wait for weeks, even months bumming at home while waiting for a reply from the prospective companies that he or she has applied to. The recruitment agency normally has an arsenal of companies willing to take in fresh grads including those without working experience as they want to get rid of the hassle of interviews and running through many resumes by their human resource department. So, most of such multi-national companies prefer to go through one agency to sift though the job applicants and recommend the best one for them for a certain fee.

As employers, the companies are freed of their precious time to concentrate on building their business like advertisement, marketing and the day-to-day running of the corporation. That is how recruitment agencies flourish to take over this niche of job recruitment for the big multi-national companies by placing advertisements in the newspapers, interviewing aspiring job applicants and finally recommending the most suitable candidate for the job.

In certain corporations, there may be high turnover of staff – people leaving for greener pastures or perhaps due to the nature of the job which may be highly stressful. Hence, instead of wasting time doing the mundane repetitive work like recruitment, agencies are hired for the job instead. The recruitment agencies are paid a nominal sum for their services. As long as they perform by recruiting the best possible candidate and matching the vacancy with the appropriate job aspirant, the companies are happy and will continue to use such services in the near future.

A recruitment agency is the middle man between an employer and the potential employee. So, instead of waiting at home for months or even longer, the job applicant is able to secure a job soon and this is critical if he is in need of finances to pay off those monthly bills and utilities. Sifting through hundred of resumes is not a small matter and it is better to let the professionals handle this tedious job by paying them their dues for getting you a suitable candidate each month.

Jobs designations like accountants, engineers, architects, surveyors, and as such can be match quickly by contracting the services of a job recruitment agency. Sometimes, the boss may be too busy with business matters to actually hire a candidate that he rather leave the vacancy to be filled by the recruitment agency. In others, the boss could be uneducated or do not have such high level of education and cannot read; so he rather let the agency recruit the future employee for him like blue collar workers in the construction industry, drivers, supervisors and et cetera. As there is a need for such niche, recruitment agencies are mushrooming like in all areas especially near areas of industry, banking, education and construction sectors.


Chris Tan writes columns on the use of a recruitment agency for job prospects. He also writes career tips for the budding finance director or sales manager.

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