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Dancing in itself is a form of art, so the display of African Dancers on canvas is an elegant representation of this beautiful art. The satisfaction that comes in watching the grace and presence performed by dancers is captured in this piece. This painting depicts four women as they dance across the canvases. These figures are stripped down to their simple and minimal lines that add to the modern flair of this otherwise very traditional portrait. Their gestures and the graceful lines of their bodies become the main subject of the photo and these elements are executed with precision and elegance. The brush strokes are very defined and well articulated in every section of the piece, from the background to the foreground. The bold colors of the subjects serve to emphasize the importance of their presence that is so integral to the style of this piece. The background is also painted in bold colors but highlighted with white to make the subjects stand independent of the background. Different colors and shadows are incorporated very successfully into the piece giving the scene an authentic and sophisticated air.

This original canvas painting comes on five canvases different in size that would make an absolutely stunning centerpiece for any room. The scale of the piece is not overwhelming, but it is certainly eye catching, and the work itself will further engage any one drawn to the painting’s pleasing size and shape. This canvas displays a number of very pleasing subjects and the colors of the background intensify the impact and drama of the central figures, making them stand out more against the canvas. The modern flair of this piece will update any living space that it is incorporated into and the painting’s understated but varied tones will add a subtle elegance to a space.

If you enjoy the warm, earthy tones of this piece you may want to spend some time perusing our Landscape Canvas gallery for other paintings that suit your tastes. In addition, if you are attracted to the details and nuances of this piece you will find much to like in Red Sunset after a Day’s Work, that focuses on many of the same points that African Dancers so successfully puts on canvas.

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