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Alaska is known to be the largest state in the United States of America in terms of the area. But it is the least densely populated area with most of its population residing in the Anchorage metropolitan. This state is filled with thousands of lakes; much of the area is covered by forests and surrounded by glacier complexes. The Bering Glacier complex is situated in Alaska.

Since the climate in Alaska is characterized by coolness, it can be imagines with snow fall how cold it gets in winters. Being covered in snow there is no possibility of construction works in the winters. The summer is cool and snow free and thus offers a suitable condition for Alaska construction work.  The area of construction work is also restricted by its geographical features. Since the major residential area is near and surrounding Anchorage, all the construction work is predominantly done there.

The major areas where Alaska constructions jobs are located are- Anchorage, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Kenai Peninsula and Fairbanks.

Alaska construction employment is seasonal given its climatic conditions. It is more like a summer job that cannot be the source of income round the year. Alaska gets17 to 24 hours of sunlight in the summers which helps in stretching work for hours longer than usually feasible in other states. This also means the workers can make money with working overtime.

One advantage of the Alaska construction employment being seasonal is that their payment or salary is higher by as much as 20% to 85% than equivalent categories of work done in other states. With their longer working hours and higher hourly wages, the Alaska construction job opportunities offer higher income than is possible in any other state.

Construction degrees can be acquired from different universities like – University of Phoenix, Kaplan University Online, Capella University, American Intercontinental University Online etc.

The kind of Alaska construction job opportunities available are- Senior Project Manager, Project management Supervisor, Pipeline Integrity Professionals, Engineering construction project manager, Construction Plan Engineer, Execution coordinator, Construction and Related workers, Construction Niche audit Senior associate, Project Business Administrator.

It is possible to earn more money in Alaska construction jobs but the higher the qualification of a worker or an employee, the better would be the salary. Definitely experience has a strong role to play special with the difficult terrain in Alaska. It is a comparatively less populated area so the job opportunities are almost in proportion with the number of applicants. There is also need for the manual laborers that do not need any educational qualifications.

But for those jobs that need qualification, knowledge and experience, the resumes should be drafted very carefully reflecting on the expertise part and the efficiency of the employee and how the company and construction may flourish on inclusion of the particular employee in to the project.

Benefits like insurance and legal plans, compensation and bonuses etc are also made available for the employees of each company depending upon the company policies. The most distinctive feature of Alaska construction jobs is that it is seasonal, like a summer job.

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