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Due to the aging population in the United States, there has been an increasing demand for certified nursing assistant jobs, along with a variety of other medical profession careers. Many people are interested in CNA jobs because it does not take four years or longer to receive a certification in the field. However, being a certified nurse’s aide is not a job everyone can adapt to, so you should be do some research into the duties and expectations a CNA should aspire to do as successfully as possible.

While CNA jobs are plentiful, the stressful conditions regarding the work a CNA performs daily does not match the income a CNA receives. Nursing homes, hospices, and some hospitals routinely experience shortages of funds due to the high cost of health care and cannot pay as well as the job warrants. Further, staff shortages at these facilities can result in overloading the existing employees with too many patients to care for, which in turn causes a high turnover rate in the field of certified nursing aides. So although your chances of finding employment immediately after successfully passing your nursing exam are almost 100%, you may find the pay lower than what you expect at first. However, as you gain experience and seniority as a certified nursing assistant, employers will be willing to pay you more to work for them.

You may find yourself caring for ten or more patients at one time while working for a clinic, hospital or nursing home. CNA jobs are meant to assist nurses so they are able to do the work that doctors don’t have the time to do. You will be reporting information such as a patient’s overall condition, their vital signs, their food and liquid intake, and anything else you think is medically relevant to licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. You will also find yourself occasionally helping the nursing staff with documentation that concerns the admitting and discharging of patients, along with any necessary lifting of patients while they are being transported.

CNA jobs are known for requiring the potential nurse’s aide to be physically and emotionally strong, since the nursing assistant will be involved with debilitated individuals and sometimes sensitive situations which require compassion and emotional stability. You will also be exposed to communicable diseases while working as a CNA, such as pneumonia or staph, both of which are common illnesses striking the elderly. Also, prepare to occasionally be “on-call” as a certified nursing assistant, which means you will be working any shift on any day of the week. Since the turnover rate for CNA’s is high, there is a demand for employees who are flexible in regards to the hours they are available for work.

Although there appears to be a downside surrounding CNA jobs, people who are working as CNA’s will tell you they would have no other job in the world than the one they have as a certified nursing assistant. It is a difficult job, as any job in the medical profession is, but you should not be alarmed by the work involved with being a CNA if you have a strong urge to help others who are less fortunate than you are.

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