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We sure hear a lot of complaints about how hard it is to break into the 3-D animation business and Hollywood. Many in the US are complaining that most of the jobs are now going to India, and whereas, it is true that the Indian animation entertainment sector and electronic arts industry is growing by leaps and bounds, we must also realize that there are many more animation films every year than there ever have been in the past.Second, is your knowledge enough to face the competition in animation? As you know, competition is very tight in computer animation. You will be forced to compete or else you will end up one day you already lose your career. In the same way animation companies exist because they compete. An old animator also competes with new graduates carrying the latest technologies in their skills.

Apparently this is something that happens quite often in the animation industry. Aspiring animators have a love for doing animation and proceed to do in depth studies of 3D animation figuring it is the ultimate of the industry. They envision themselves developing such renowned characters like those that took place in Finding Nemo or Shrek 2. After becoming well exposed to the industry they soon find out that they are spending every hour of their working moments on animating characters yet this is what drew them to the industry. This is will be better enable your prospective employers to know the depth of your skills and capabilities and if you have what it takes then they will appoint you. What you need to know at this point is that your demo is the tapped journal of all that you have been doing since you have been in the training processes. What this goes to mean is that all the projects that you worked on must be contained on this reel.

Having said this do not get into the mode where every little thing you do must remain on your demo tape. Thinking that the more you have to show the better, it will be for you. Prospects looking at your demo do not have hours to sit there and review your work; in fact, they may give you about three minutes of their time. These professionals know exactly what to look for in a budding 3D animator. That is all the time they need to see if you have some potential that interests them. So now, you have to think of it like preparing a 3-minute speech and having to get your point across in that time.

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