Au Pair Agency Workers Expanding

Au Pair Agency Workers Expanding

An Au Pair agency London has sought to clarify once and for all the difference between an Au Pair and a nanny. Au Pair Agency UK workers have limits on the time they can work, as well as the ages they can be employed at. Au Pair agency UK workers are usually aged below 25 and are brought in from abroad to live with a host family and take on some domestic household duties. In addition, when working for an Au Pair agency London, there are strict rules about the number of hours that can be worked in a day and/or a week, meaning that these young people (usually girls) are not overworked.

Most Au Pair’s come to the UK to improve their language skills and get some experience living abroad. These people generally require an Au Pair agency UK to facilitate their smooth transission into the country, as well as to act as a go between liaising with the Au Pair and the host family to ensure that expectations are clarified and everything runs smoothly.

The Au Pair agency London headquarters have reported that, despite economic downturns in the economy, Au Pair agency London staffs have gone up by large quantities. This could be for a number of reasons, however, an Au Pair agency London insider speculated, off the record, that the lack of jobs available to young people at the moment was bringing them to Au Pair agency London, as well as the fact that many people living in the UK were less able to afford a nanny than before and so were looking to Au Pair agency London to find them a cheaper replacement. Of course, nannies and Au Pairs are different, but these families seem to think that some of the nanny’s tasks can be taken over by an Au Pair.

People looking to hire this kind of domestic staff are advised to contact an Au Pair Agency UK who will put them in touch with young people who are eager to come over and work. However, Au Pair Agency UK regulations stipulate that people hiring Au Pairs should not treat them as employees, rather that they should be assimilated into the family as much as possible, more of a helpful daughter or son than a servant.

Overall, if you wish to give a young foreigner the chance to learn some English and experience our uniquely charming country, please get in touch with an Au Pair Agency UK who will give you more information. The same advice goes to any young and adventurous people reading this, please contact an Au Pair Agency UK if you are interested in this type of position, or an Au Pair Agency London if you wish specifically to be based in the capital city, as so many do.

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