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  1. Joshua Bardwell

    The tag-line for “Tagg” GPS pet-tracker refers to preventing your pet’s
    wanted poster from being put up on a utility pole. The tag-line is, “Keep
    your pet off the pole.” 

  2. sam carlson

    us daughters are bitchy sometimes. i’m my dads only kid, 14, im a good girl
    but im a real bitch if i want to be.

  3. terrafirma91

    @mustkillu135 : No you didn’t. She told me you couldn’t get it up. You said
    something about yourself being gay, or something along those lines.

  4. Silvio Dante

    @lilialmt lol, I’m sorry I was being angry and crazy when I wrote that. I
    can’t stand the system anymore though, we need to take it over!!!! power to
    the people!!

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