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It was noted the 5.31 lakh candidates passed the Bank Clerk Recruitment last years thus rising questions concerning the numbers that may be able to pass Bank Clerk Recruitment 2012. It is important that the examination council consider making the examination harder as more candidates manage to pass the qualification level.
The elimination round is meant to reduce the numbers of student substantially so as to leave a few that could be thoroughly tested to select only the best. The sudden increase of qualifiers has made the job once again hard for the examination authorities. Last year a substantial number of women were also noted to have passed the exams. Approximated 2 lakh women qualified for bank jobs but it was also noted that vacancies remained fewer thus leading to more elimination rounds.
This has come as a welcome surprise since women had fewer attendance of exams held to recruited candidates for bank jobs in the past. This has led many organizations protection women’s rights to protest but this has been no ones fault except for the women themselves who choose to avoid the exams. With more women graduating from high school and collages, there has been a steady increase in the number of women attending the exams. According to statistics a large percentage on women have confirmed seats for the IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2012 thus meaning there may be more women selected this year.
Reservations have also meant that certain sections of society have better odds of being selected in Bank Clerk Recruitment 2012 based on gender and caste. As the government fights the cast differences and gives SC and OBC a better chance to secure jobs in banks it is important that the numbers be maintained equally to avoid one section of society dominating the other. Attitude at work has also been noted to be a major concern when dealing with the caste issue since some people are not ready to accept other caste in the work place.
To avoid any form of confrontation that could bring negative publicity to the organization or bank, all candidates must be able to pass a training session after the Bank Clerk Recruitment 2012 which would help identify individual’s that may hold grudges with the opposite caste while working in one premises. Failure to pass the test would mean not being recruited for bank jobs. Just passing the IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2012 does not ensure candidates of bank jobs as them still need to prove their qualities of working as a team.


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