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Statistics show that 40% of the Indian population is made up of youth, accounting for an incredible 460 million people and 10% of the youth attend IBPS recruitment or bank recruitment exams which are compulsory to secure bank jobs. This results in stiff completion for the few bank jobs available each year; approximately 30,000 bank jobs vacancies are available on a yearly basis. The high number of candidates applying for the bank jobs available thus leads many bank recruitment exams to be even more competitive.

IBPS recruitment is one such examination aimed at reducing the candidates aiming to secure bank jobs. It tests them of different technical and general fields thus helping narrow down the competition to a smaller number of selected individuals. The selected candidates than need to attend further interviews where they are scrutinized thoroughly through a series of interviews to further eliminate individuals that may not have the required skills to qualify for bank jobs.

Bank recruitment plays a major role in India as the number of aspiring candidate is high and each one wants to secure a permanent job with the national and private banks. The job security is what attracts the huge numbers of youth to apply for the few jobs. This works positively for the banks as they get to choose the best candidate from across the nations to fill the vacancies for bank jobs available. For the candidates aspiring to get the jobs it is a different story as they need to consider several factors before attempting to take the exam.
* Language has been noted to be the main cause of concern in recent years as many bank exams require being completed in English. This has been the biggest challenge to most candidates that are unable to meet the required standards due to the poor English fundamentals and grammar.
* Lack of the required skill and general knowledge also leads to many candidates failing the bank exams since many tend to ignore current affairs. IBPS recruitment exams and most other bank recruitment exams have a long list of question that come in the general knowledge. The paper carries current affair questions from both the local and international field. Within these fields there are further categories that require to be filled such as finance, environment, sport and politics among many more.

These are specifically aimed to note if the candidate are keeping in touch with current affairs as the questions could ask any thing. Candidates must to have an idea of current affairs to be able to answer them during IBPS recruitment or bank recruitment exams to be able to be shortlisted for bank jobs.


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