Belly Stripper – Reason 14: Get So Svelte, You’ll Have To Tighten Your Belt

Belly Stripper - Reason 14: Get So Svelte, You'll Have To Tighten Your Belt Those who’ve tried Belly Stripper love it. Those who haven’t tried Belly Stripper yet are still fat. It’s pretty much that simple…

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adminBelly Stripper – Reason 14: Get So Svelte, You’ll Have To Tighten Your Belt

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  1. Sirius Jones B

    Trying to understand why adventurous filmmakers/artists would be so
    spooked and that bent out of shape by a person attempting to lick a nipple
    during a sex act (lap dance)… Didn’t you research the job and recognize
    the dangers…

  2. johnellizz

    This looks almost completely phony…from what I could see, they never did
    the job. There was only the faintest of suggestions (through edits) that
    they ‘worked as strippers’ in this Truck Stop. They appear to have totally
    faked this…I mean IF you had actually subjected yourself to this sleazy
    occupation and entertained a bunch of gruesome truckers, you’d WANT to have
    something on the record. Where do you ever see them dancing for a crowd of
    hillbillies? (What you see is them in an empty place with very little
    dancing.) What a couple of cheaters.

  3. Salpeteroxid

    These are some brave girls, this is not something you usually throw
    yourself into. Great work at bringing awareness to the objectifying of
    women in America. In my country we don’t have this so for me seeing this
    was quite a shock.

  4. Blueswailer

    All the talk about not knowing what kinds of guys frequent seedy strip
    clubs and they antagonize and provoke some random creep outside the club in
    the middle of the night ? Self-preservation, hello.

  5. luci fer

    FAKE… staged…..also 150 confirmed kills.. not likely seeing as the
    highest is like 70 or something. buuwwwllllsheeet. such a shame i was
    really expecting something good here. honestly being a dancer in the UK and
    most parts in america, is not that bad at all, normally you are looked
    after well by the hostess and the owner. most of the girls already have
    issues before they start dancing anyways.

  6. OsheaReignOfficial

    You too can be a privileged, attractive female with a DSLR and exploit the
    stripping industry in the name of “artistic” curiosity. . . Set up cameras
    and lighting just in time for the tears and breakdowns and you’ve got
    yourself a Spring Breakers inspired masterpiece. . . 

  7. Fistwagon

    What annoys me is the schlocky feminist angle. Women work disgusting jobs
    too? Oh noes! Compared to all of the *DEADLY* male dominated jobs out there
    stripping is a safe, wellpaid breeze. 

  8. Mark Sparks

    zero sympathy for the girl crying.


  9. 공자

    the highest calling for a woman is to guide the man to enligtenement, the
    lowest calling is to sexualize him allowing him to endlessly wander the
    world on and on again. the highest calling of the man is to protect the
    woman and the lowest calling is to forcefully intrude himself into her
    life. – truth from the superior state of confucian united korea

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