Benefits Of A Temp Agency

A Temp Agency provides invaluable service to both their business clients and individuals looking for full time or part time work. The placement agencies must be able to make a good match between the companies and the individuals. This kind of dedication requires a great deal of diplomacy and discretion.

Companies wanting to hire new employees can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of resumes they receive in their permanent recruitment process. This costs the companies a great deal of time and money. They have to hire more staff to sort through the resumes to find the most suitable candidates. Or they can outsource the permanent recruitment process to a placement agency.

The internet has made it frustrating for job seekers. They can find more job opportunities, but they are competing against a larger number of other job seekers. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can easily search a wide range of job boards. Employment agencies eliminate this problem by focusing on using selective job posting sites.

The unemployed can apply for a large number of jobs without appearing in person at the company. This makes it more likely they will submit applications for positions they may not be fully qualified to obtain. A temp agency can act as a clearing house and prevent the company from dealing with these resumes.

The internet has also made searching permanent recruitment opportunities impersonal. The first impression the hiring manager has of the applicant is from her resume, not from the way she presents herself in person. This lack of initial interaction can put both the manager and applicant at a disadvantage. Both are unable to realize the communication skills the other person possesses.

Online applications can create negative feedback to the job seeker. After applying for a position they may not hear again from the hiring company or get a generic rejection email. The lack of communication can create hard feelings and convince other unemployed workers who have excellent credentials to avoid applying at that company.

Having a temp agency handle the permanent recruitment process benefits both the individual and the company. The agency can focus advertising for the position more effectively. The ads can be targeted more toward the individuals who are more likely to be looking to move up to a better position.

The use of social media has created a new opportunity for both job seekers and companies that are hiring. The websites have profiles that allow users to highlight their current job and any special skills, education or training they have.

Anyone looking for work who is not on a social media site may be sending up a red flag. The person may be trying to hide from their past or not willing to learn any new technology or systems. A temp agency can use social media websites to hunt for potential candidates who already have the job skills needed for the position. Job candidates can be prescreened and their employment histories can be easily verified.

A temp agency can help the hiring company focus on finding local job candidates. Staff members at the agency can set up a booth at a local job fair. This gives them an opportunity to meet people face to face and also provide public relations services. They can promote the company and give people guidance about the skills they need to acquire to apply in the future.

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