Benefits of Domestic Staff Agency

You can enjoy several benefits by using our domestic staff agency, including the ease of finding a perfect match for your household needs. Our placement counselors will meet with you to discuss your requirements, whether you require a full-time housekeeper or a temporary nanny.

You will not be wasting your time interviewing inappropriate applicants who respond to a classified advertisement since our domestic staff agency will do all of the work for you. They thoroughly screen all applicants and our experienced counselors will only send you the best domestic staff to interview. The counselors will work with you to ensure a perfect match for your family.

Using the services of a domestic workers agency is a time saver for the busy executive or new mother. They can help you with both emergency and short-notice placements of nannies, night nurses, housekeepers, chefs, personal assistants and chauffeurs. They can have qualified domestic staff working in your home within a short period since all candidates are already completely screened. Your life is hectic enough without having to spend weeks searching for a domestic with good references.

Whether you prefer part-time, full-time or temporary domestic workers, our agency can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Friendly counselors will help you to find experienced staff to keep your household well organized and running smoothly. Here are more benefits of using our domestic staff agency:

* Certified nannies and night nurses who are wonderful with children so you can have peace of mind that your little ones are happy.

* Housekeepers who know how to care for antiques and other fine furnishings. This is not something that you can be certain of when you hire directly from a classified advertisement in the newspaper.

* Laundresses who are experienced in the care of fine linens and delicate fabrics to keep your home looking elegant and your clothing looking professional.

* Chefs who will prepare an elegant and delightful dinner for your guests when you entertain. You will not have to rely on a caterer who would bring food in a warming tray.

Another benefit of using our household staff agency is their record of accomplishment with successful home placements. We offer glowing references from our clients. Your relationship does not end when you hire one of our candidates. The counselors will follow-up with you to be certain that you are satisfied.

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