Benefits of Jobs in India

India is a widespread country with diversity in unity. There are a lot of departments which run smoothly in the country starting from the Telephone services, Administrative Services, Municipality services, Public sector offices, Banking sectors, Railways and list goes on. The common thing in all of the above, as you would have noticed, is that they are all government jobs of India. For the proper functioning of all these jobs, thousands of people are recruited and employed by the respective departments. Currently, the demands for the Jobs in India are touching the crest, the reason is simple, and yes it is the security which the people need, unlike, at the other countries, where you will be fired off your job in case you do not turn up for a day. The government Jobs in India has the following privileges:


There is absolutely no risk factor, as the Government of India is a permanent structure.
As per the work rules, there will not be any Decrement of wages and salaries. The salaries are predetermined and the employee will have an increment periodically as per the rules and regulations. As a result there are no chances of demotion or decrements for the Government Jobs in India.
There is always a job guarantee for the people. If for some technical reasons, the salary was not given to the employees for a month, then the outstanding and the current salary will be credited the succeeding month itself. So there is a guarantee that the person gets paid for their work, irrespective of the prevailing economic condition. 
The Jobs in India have come with special packages and incentives in the form of  festival bonuses, which are the most required perks for meeting up the festival demands.
The Employee has got the security of a regular income not only when he is in his service, but he/she are paid regular amount even after their retirement. A certain amount of salary is deducted from the monthly salary and credited to the Provident Fund, which will be lent to the employee when he requires or optionally they will get this amount along with interest, at the time of retirement. After retirement, the employees get pension as a regular monthly income.
The other merit of the Jobs in India is that they have a pre set time as working hours. They will never be prolonged under any situations. If the employee works for more time, they will be paid accordingly.
Number of holidays is declared as government holidays, and as such employees can spend more time with their family also. Other than the declared ones, there are a number of casual, earned and optional holidays also.
In case of some accidents or death of the employees, the job is given to the member of the family, who is eligible for the same. This way there is a stable flow of income for the family under unforeseen conditions also.
Health is another prime factor, which is never ignored. The employee and their dependent family members are eligible for medical treatments and claims of their medical problems.
Apart from the medical claims, the children of the employee are given proper educational facility.


So to conclude, when there is so much of stability for the jobs in India, there is no wonder that many would like to settle over here, as the benefits are attractive and luring.

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