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International jobs in these days of high global mobility are becoming the norm, than exceptions. The best jobs internationally would largely depend on the passion or desire of the candidate. Nevertheless, there are some universally acknowledged jobs internationally, which are considered glamorous, successful and well rewarding, though it may not suit all:

Consulting: These are high profile and financially rewarding. Ofcourse only academically brilliant and high potential executives are selected for these assignments. There are some renowned consulting companies based out of US and Europe, which have branches across other geographical regions and absorb the best.
Financial analyst: These jobs are high stress and glamorous dealing in high stakes games in the financial world. Most are based out of Hongkong, Singapore, London or Newyork and increasingly in Shanghai and Beijing. These analysts advise on M & A and provide research reports on various financial instruments which are much respected and monitored. Usually there are fat bonuses attached to these jobs.
International Media reporter: Senior media reporters are a valuable set of people who represent prestigious magazines, print and TV channels. Their reports are widely circulated for their authenticity and unbiased reporting. These jobs allows one to travel to the news –zones of the world and form public opinion in nations.
Teaching: A large, but select set of academically oriented people seek and obtain assignments at some of the top and prestigious universities in teaching assignments. The quality of research and academic infrastructure available makes teaching high attractive. These jobs could also be in medical profession, where niche specialists seek out their choice jobs across the world.
Tourism & Hospitality: Many are excited about travel to exotic destinations or serve in some top hospitality locations or hotel chains. These jobs are glamorous, whet the appetite of the person and are well paying too. Besides, opportunity exists to tour with tourists which enhance your life experience manifold.
UN based: Many good jobs are regularly available at the United Nations and their various organizations across the world. These jobs provide opportunity to appreciate cross-cultural affinities and work processes. The world bank too is a great place to pick up an assignment, which allows one to learn the intricacies of world finance.
A high profile executive in a large MNC: These are always viewed with interest and are perennial favourites for young management graduates. The allure of the brand and the market respect it generates worldwide are definite attractions.

All in all, there are a large variety of good international job opportunities available, both in the developed world, particularly USA and UK and more in developing countries, eg China and India, for these provide glimpses of rapid growth in a high GDP scenario.

These international jobs could also be in medical profession, where niche specialists seek out their choice jobs across the world.

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