Best Jobs For Foodies

For foodies – those who like eating and drinking, passion for eating will never end. They do not eat to live but actually live to eat. Here are ten best jobs for foodies in which great passion for food is a crucially prerequisite for success.



Bakers are people who work in stores, restaurants, bakeries and produce anything related to flour from fresh bread to custom wedding cakes. Most bakers learn about their jobs and master skills right before they started working. Some other bakers come to formal culinary classes. Bakers often receive $ 23,450 as the median annual wage while pastry chefs earn double this amount.



Food service manager

Food service manager controls the daily operations of a restaurant, watching other restaurants’ eating establishment and oversees operations of kitchen and dining area


Culinary instructor

Despite those above jobs, foodie can work as high-school home economics teachers to deliver education programs or teach in colleges and specialized schools


Sales representative

Sales representative often attends tradeshow, conventions, and conversations and persuades businesses to stock or use a product. The job offers chances to enjoy party or new products



Chef is in charge of creating dishes and performing managerial tasks for restaurants. The modest annual wage for chefs and head cooks is $ 44,780


Catering director

The catering director’s duty is to create dining for clients’ event according to a well-planned contracts, budgets. The average salary for position is $ 49,500


Travel guide

Traveling to a destination does not simply include visiting sightseeing. Travelers always want to enjoy food and beverage experiences, too



Thanks to rich background in food and nutrition, dietitians often work in hospital to improve patients’ health through what they eat


Food service manager


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