Best Jobs for Introverts

Choosing future jobs is always a hard decision for most people. Normally, they choose jobs depending on the interests and trends of society. Here are best and highest-paid jobs which are suitable for introverts.

A software engineer is the person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems. The software engineer makes anything related to software including computer chips. The software engineer always faces up with the complicated solutions on their own. These people must always learn and keep up with new technologies.

Average annual salary: $ 97,581


Working as an accountant takes time to solve and figure out the complex problems and work over spreadsheets. In addition, accounting requires impeccable attention to every detail.

Average annual salary: $ 59,159


Graphic designers work individually to fulfill requirements of various customers. The creativity, ability to work in flexible time, knowledge of art and technology are must-have qualification.

Average annual salary: $ 60,311


Another great position for introverts is market research analysis that studies market trends, understands clients’ opinions and be fancy on consumer interest and marketing.

Average annual salary: $ 71,123


Pharmacy work offers so much time for introspection as well as communication with other people on a daily basis.

Average annual salary: $ 117,475


Paralegal job involves draft contracts, research records or make study over a problem. The job is suitable for those who love doing research and wish to work without interaction with a team.

Average annual salary: $ 62,853


Artist is typical job for introverts who relish in working alone and making distinguish production. Interaction is only needed when artworks are displayed or to be put up for sales.

Average annual salary: $ 43,984


Civil engineer works in a team as well as do the bulk of their work individually. Tunnels, highways and supervise construction are concerns of their job.

Average annual salary: $ 81,738


Best Jobs for Introverts


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