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The best PA jobs are undoubtedly those jobs where you are a PA to a Chief Executive. These jobs are simply the best in the PA world, because you have not only the trust of the PA and a real insight into how s/he works, you also have their trust and that can be worth a great deal in any company.

Few PAs would state that they did not want to be PA to the Chief Executive of their company, but how do you get to be a PA for the Chief Executive, particularly if all the PAs in the company want that coveted position?
Well you have to show that you are the best PA in the organisation (remember that if your company has lots of offices, there could be competition from candidates outside of your immediate office).
Being the best means that you have to be not just competent, but you have to have the right attitude. Work hard, look smart and presentable at all times. Make sure that you are seen as being efficient and that nothing is too much trouble (within reason). 
Don’t engage in office politics or letting secrets out. A good PA has to be trusted, so forget idle chit chat in the toilets or telling colleagues what is happening in the company. You have to remain just slightly aloof from others in the office.
You also need to be unflappable. Things may change at the last minute, plans can be thrown into disarray, but you have to remain calm throughout. No Chief Executive wants a PA who bursts into tears when things go wrong: they want someone who can appear calm.
Undertake as much training as you can, so that you appear keen as well. Even if the training does not appear directly relevant, going on courses such as time management, data protection etc will help give you the edge over the other candidates when that dream job does come up: all you have to do is enjoy it!

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