Best Summer Jobs For Teenagers

Summer jobs for students run the gamut from summer camp jobs to becoming a small business entrepreneur. It all depends on your interests and the amount of time you want to spend working. Instead of spending your time watching television, why not gain valuable work experience and take the initiative to find a paying summer job. Let’s take a look at some summer jobs that teenagers might be interested in.

The range of popular summer jobs for teenagers has got to include babysitting. Many parents find themselves in a pretty tight position when their small school-aged children are going to be home all day rather than in school, yet they must still be at work. They are looking for someone who is available, responsible and reliable to take care of their little ones.

Another fabulous way for teens to earn some money is by setting their entrepreneurial skills free by starting their own lawn care business. Summer time is when the lawn demands a great deal of time and attention; from mowing, to planting flowers and weeding, many busy homeowners are looking for someone to do these chores for them. Before you begin though, make sure that you have tools you will need to get the job done. This is also one of the more physically demanding teen summer jobs, but the money you can make can be substantial, if you do a good job.

You can offer your services to pool owners, if you live in an area where everyone seems to have one. There are many pool owners who dread the work it takes to maintain their above ground or cement ponds and keep them clean and running smoothly during the summer months. This is one of those jobs for teens that can keep you quite busy throughout the summer, but you need to know what you are doing.

One of the best summertime jobs for those who love being outdoors is working with their local, state or national parks services. You may be able to work on their maintenance crew helping to keep the park clean and running properly. There are tour guide positions as well, if you are knowledgeable on certain subjects.

If you have the skills and enjoy cooking or baking, then you might think about making homemade foods for people and taking them to their workplace for lunch, or for them to freeze and take home for dinner. You may be able to offer your services for catering small functions as well.

Summer jobs for students will get them out of the house and active with their peer group. Not only can they earn extra money working over the summer months, the knowledge, skills and work ethic they gain from the experience cannot be measured. Whether they choose to work at one of the many types of camps for kids, such as adventure camps, sport camps or special needs camps, or they decide on some other type of work, holding down a paying job during the summer months allows teens to gain independence and confidence in their abilities.

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