Bourbon St. Stripper Vlog!

Bourbon St. Stripper Vlog!

This was supposed to be posted yesterday. Man, dancing has been kicking my BUTT.

adminBourbon St. Stripper Vlog!

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  1. Anne Turner

    What are some of your “rules” i guess with a customer touching you? Also
    What do you do personally when you give a customer a dance.

  2. Cheyenne Bloodgood

    Ayy! I live outside of new orleans, don’t dance in the city, it’s a bit too
    much to deal with for me but it’s cool to find out you’re in the same area
    as I am!

  3. Paylied

    Does going back to stripping mean no more mfc? :P also OMG you should do a
    wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man cosplay!!!!

  4. aled0b0und

    This vid’s okay, but I’m realy bummed: I sent her moonshine drink money but
    she never thanked me (I was kinda hoping for a scandalous picture) Oh well
    - the cosplay videos are always awesome!

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