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As branding experts, individuals often come to us asking what we can do to help them to increase their company’s name recognition. Increasing the company’s name recognition is only one tiny portion of the branding magic, albeit it is a very important one. So what can you do to increase your business’ name recognition? Here are just a few tips that you can take to the bank:

Hire a branding service business to help you deliver your message and image under a brand effectively.
Create a mission statement that will reflect your reason for being in business and will also reflect the value you deliver to your market.
Design a matrix plan of all of the individuals you want to reach within the next twelve months. Also include the potential factors that influence those people. Create a calendar of outreach and create a time table.
Write and send out press releases on a regular basis to the media.
Write and post your press releases on your websites on a regular basis.
Post and write press releases on the Internet on a regular basis.

Write articles pertaining to your business on a regular basis.
Make sure that all your marketing is diversified.
Try to reach the markets where your targets are found. This is different than marketing within your own industry. For example, if you’re selling organic cat food, you’ll want to reach markets that deal in pet care, cat care, and even veterinary clinic users.
Write pitch feature story ideas to the local media outlets on a regular basis.
Attend, host, speak, show, and participate in at least three national industry conferences.
Speak, host, attend, show, and participate in at least three local industry conventions.
Design and mail out an online newsletter.
Design and mail out a direct newsletter through snail mail.
Write, speak, teach and present information on your particular product or service. Make yourself known as the expert in your particular industry.
Become an active participant in internship programs.
Become an active sponsor for local charity events. Make sure you can get your company name in the program and then create a press release that talks about the event.
Make sure that you know all potential teaming members in your local area.
Create tip sheets that can be filled out by your end users. You want information on how your company is different from the competing businesses in the industry. You want to know what sets you apart from the rest.
Post a calendar of events on your website.
Hire a professional to do a survey on your company’s behalf. The results will then be posted on your website so that you can make this public to your website visitors.

Effective branding of your business is going to be the major key to influencing your market. It can make the difference between a thriving business and one that’s gone belly up in the waters of failure. Branding is not only the name recognition of your business. It is also the perceived value your business has in the minds of your market. That is the bottom line in any business.

It is a good idea to bring a Branding Agency on board to help out with boosting your companies image. Brand Consultancy agencies are everywhere and you are sure to find someone that will help.

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