California Needs More Green Jobs

California is making a real effort to create a “green economy” through industries in renewable energy and environmentally sustainable business practices. The number of green businesses has risen by 45% from 1995 to 2008. The state’s green jobs have contributed 36% of the total new jobs created during this period.

California is showing a real commitment towards the environment and nudging its businesses to think the same way as well. California has created an outstanding record in pushing for reductions in global warming and promoting new energy sources.  California’s battle to combat climate change has resulted in the historic Global Warming Solutions Act.  The state is also supporting Low Carbon Fuel Standards, which is the first of its kind in the world. The California government is setting an example for the entire world to emulate. All state owned buildings have to comply with “green” standards for construction and maintenance. Also new vehicles purchased by the state must conform to low emission standards and make use of clean energy.

The green economy is receiving a huge amount of support from citizens as well as government leaders. This is all leading to strong growth and innovation in the green jobs market. Green jobs are the wave of the future for California’s economy.  There is a strong foundation for green economic development across the state. Leaders must capitalize on this momentum and ensure that there is a trained workforce ready and available to meet this growth.  Political leaders must continue to push legislation providing incentives for these new industries.

California recently launched a massive $ 75 million green jobs training program. The program plans to train over 20,000 “green workers” to create California’s next generation workforce.  These new workers are critical to achieve the state’s goals for renewable energy use and environmental protection. California also launched the “California Green Corps.” This initiative will help to mentor, train, and guide at-risk youths while giving them trade level skills for jobs in California’s expanding green economy.

The best news is that these green jobs are spread across different regions of California. In the solar industry for example, design is done in offices within San Francisco, while components are put together in San Diego and finally installed is done virtually anywhere.  Multiple communities are involved within a single purchase.  This ensures that every Californian becomes a participant in the green economy and can reap the benefits. California’s future is that of a thriving green state.

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