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According to the latest analysis, one of the hot career options for the present day is a job as a language translator or an interpreter. These two are two different jobs altogether; with the only common feature between the two is the need of mastering two different languages.

It is for this very reason that there is a marked increase and demand for Cantonese speaking jobs in the market today, and the demand is still rising. In fact, the demand is expected to increase at least by 25% in another 5 years time.

A steep rise in the demand for translators and interpreters

The reason for this sudden increase in the demand for interpreter and translation jobs is the rapid growth of global communications and global marketing.  There is a marked increase in the number of international business meetings and conferences held all over the world, which delegates from all parts of the world take part in.

Without the help of efficient translators, it can be difficult for a Cantonese speaking business person to interact with an American or European partner to strike a deal. With millions of dollars in transaction dependant on the efficient work of translators, it is no wonder a Cantonese job as a translator and an interpreter is a high paying and stable job today.

So if you too are interested in pursuing a job as a Cantonese translator or interpreter, there are basically two points to emphasize on to succeed at your job. You have to first focus on learning and mastering two languages viz. Cantonese and preferably English.

Mastering more languages is a bonus

However if you are adept at picking up and learning languages, there is no harm in mastering more languages, especially the Asian ones, as its demands are projected to significantly increase in the next few years.

Besides acquiring mastery in Cantonese and English, the next point to bear in mind while looking for Cantonese speaking jobs is to specialize in a specific field. There are various options available for you to specialize in, where the most proficient and popular options are the medical and judiciary fields. In fact, the more specialization you attain in a specific field, the higher your pay will be because of the unique talents and skills required for the job.

Projected average annual salary

According to a recent study, on an average, a Cantonese job as a professional interpreter or translator can earn you an annual salary that figures anywhere between $ 25,000 to $ 75,000. The actual figure is dependent on your expertise, education and experience in both your languages and specific field of specialization.

Moreover, once you get a Cantonese speaking job as an interpreter or translator, you can earn additional certificates and accreditations as a translator or interpreter that will help you either get a better job or better paying Cantonese jobs. Obviously, the more accreditations and certificates you manage to get yourself, the better will be your Cantonese speaking job option.


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