Career as a Dancer

Career as a Dancer

If you have been thinking on career as a dancer, then visit Our site is an Entertainment Industry job portal, from here you can find a…

Download the song here: Official music video for JbDubs’ original song “I Hate My Job”. JbDubs on iTunes…

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  1. SOL REY

    you don’t have to be a woman to be famenine its an art created for
    attraction some men want to be famenine because they are so attracted to

  2. FckingBulletProof

    I´m straight, but those legs, moves & level of confidence were impressive,
    so I ended up watching the whole video~

  3. Khaleesi

    Though, I have to say this isn’t fair. I thought having boobs would give me
    the ability to walk in heels, but these guys can and I just stomp away on
    my Doc Martens.


  4. Marco2G

    That’s got to be one of the weirdest videos I’ve seen in a long while. And
    no, it’s not just the heels wearing guys. If you’ve been to imagefap,
    you’re pretty much used to that ;).

  5. Jennifer Ouellette

    Via +Joanne Manaster on Twitter, this fun video and theme song for those
    who hate their jobs.

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