Celebrities? First Odd Jobs

Not many Hollywood stars can start out in the modeling, acting or talk show industry without first breaking a little sweat. They have been known for their talent and striking appearance, but their first jobs have been little known. They began their careers making a modest earning. Some even did menial tasks.


Cindy Crawford was listed in Men’s Health’s “100 Hottest Women of All-Time”. With a trademark mole just above her lip, the American modal has covered hundreds of magazines throughout her career. However, it is little known that she worked as a corn-shucker at a local fair to earn extra cash while being a college freshman in Illinois.


Cindy Crawford earned extra cash by working as a corn-shucker at a local fair.

Hugh Jackman earned a living as a clown before raising prominence to be a Tony-award winning actor. “In fact, I used to be clown at kid’s parties,” Jackman confessed to In The News.

Ellen DeGeneres used to work as a painter, vaccum salesperson, and oyster peeler before hosting her own talk show.

Tom Cruise joined a seminary in Cincinnati at the age of 14.

Madonna dropped out of college in 1978. She earned a living as a waitress at Dunkin Donuts.

Before rising to worldwide fame in Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, and Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp worked as a pen salesman.

Amy Adams was once Hooters girl. The actress saved $ 900 before leaving Hooters. With such amount of money, she bought a used Chevrolet.

Before entering the stardom, George Clooney sold insurance and women’s shoes.

Brad Pitt had to wear a chicken costume, move fridges, and drive limos before being hornored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.



Celebrities and their first jobs


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