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There are many reasons that one may seek out a Chinese translation agency including when moving to an English speaking country from China, translating legal documents, and translating company websites and documents. First of all, when individuals from China want to move to the United States, Canada, Australia, England, or another English speaking area, they may have to seek out one of the translation company in China before they leave town. It is important to have copies of important documents, translated into English so that they can be understood in the new country. Examples of papers that people translate include marriage licenses, college transcripts, High school and College diplomas, certifications of certain trades and training programs completed, documents from religious ceremonies, and many more. A  Chinese translation agenc y  can help a family make sure that they have all of their legal documents in order before leaving the country. When applying for a Fiancé visa, people may look into hiring a translation company in China. When a United States citizen wants to marry a Chinese citizen and bring them to the US as their fiancé, they must first do a lot of paperwork. The Chinese person will prepare a letter of intent to marry and other evidence in Chinese and them get it translated in order to use in the visa process. The couple will need to gather all kinds of evidence including evidence that they have met in the last two years. Evidence can include photos, copies of plane tickets, e-mails, etc. Anything that is not in the English language must be translated or it is not used as evidence. Hiring a Chinese translation agency to do the translating helps prove that the documents are legitimate and that a non-bias individual is providing the translating services versus a friend or family member. Many businesses are currently trying to tap into the Chinese market. To do this it is necessary to prepare some documents in Chinese, or get Chinese documents translated into English in order to communicate. IT is very important that if one decides to hire a translation company in China that the company has a positive reputation for accurate work. Errors in translating can cause miscommunication which can result in a lose of business, a loss of money, or even a loss of respect or partnership. So whether an individual needs help preparing documents when moving to an English speaking country from China, translating legal documents, and translating company websites and documents, there are many high quality options in existence for this type of thing. Because English and Chinese are two of the most commonly spoken languages (along with Arabic and Spanish) many companies are beginning to specialize in translating documents from one language to the other. In order to get a job as a translator at a Chinese translation agency employees often need to take an exam to assure that they have a high enough level of both languages in order to provide accurate translations. Many companies have high standards in regard to who has a high enough translating ability.

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