Circus agency presents Pure Contortion – Nina, our Ā«Pure ContortionistĀ», is initially a ballet dancer. It is in March 2008 that she started to present …
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Circus Circus Agency presents : Big ball juggling act by Ryunosuke

circus-agency Circus Circus Agency presents :Big ball juggling act by Ryunosuke A japanese circus entretainer and dancer Resume and contests Circus Festival,…

adminCircus agency presents Pure Contortion

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  1. heydancenow

    This is awesome. Very unique, much more dynamic and fluid than a normal
    contortion act. More of a contortion dance rather than straight contortion.
    Loved it.

  2. Beth Josephine

    i really enjoyed this, contortion is usually quite dull to watch except in
    a “ugh the human body can do that …!” but this was so much more
    expressive and beautiful

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