Betty Hutton arrives at Kingsford-Smith Airport, Sydney, May 1955 / Australian Photographic Agency
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Image by State Library of New South Wales collection
Film actor Betty Hutton looks wonderful posed in what looks like a film set, rather than a real airport. She was arriving in Sydney for a season of her nightclub act.

Format: Negative

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From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales



Clint agency relationship between advertiser and the ad-agency. Cordial Relationship with full trust and confidence is must to get maximum from ad agency and agencycan also work with free hand. Advertising agencies have enables many small business units to grow into large ones. Now a days almost all advertisiers rely on ad agencies for its services creative skills objective thinking etc.

Client agencies Relationship includes the following:

•Principle of Effective Clint Agency Relationship.

•Reasons of client turnover.

•How agencies gain clients

•How relationship can be more cordial.


Principle of Effective Clint Agency Relationship:-following points improve the CAR effective.

1)  Not to advertise for Immediate C ompetitive Units.

2)  Clint’s Prior Approval of all Expenditure.

3)  Prompt Payment.

4)  Passing Down Cash Discounts to Client.

5)  Not to Blame Agency for Media-Lapses.

6)  Good Services.

7)  Trust and Confidence

8)  Written Agreement

9)  Frequent C ontact Between Agency And Clint


How agencies gain clients:-

1)  Obtain new clients as a result of referrals from existing clients.

2)  Searching of new clients by writing letters, making calls and visiting probable clients.

3)  Presenting Information about itself its experience, its experts, its previous work, marketing services offered for clients, names of popular brands developed by agency etc.

This information can be in the form of a brochure, booklet for convincing new clients.

4)  Creating good image and reputation of the agency by providing efficient services.

Agency that consistently develops excellent advertising campaigns, acquires favorable reputation among its clients. This helps the ad agency to search for more clients.

5)  Offering marketing services along with ad developing and designing. The clients can be attracted by providing specialised services like sales promotion, public relations, market research, consumer research, publicity, developing, placing and evaluating ad.


How Relationship can be Improved:-

1)  Not advertising for immediate competitive units of its clients.

2)  Prior approval of client for all expenditure incurred.

3)  Making prompt and adequate payment by clients.

4)  Passing down cash discount to clients.

5)  Building mutual trust, confidence by constant interaction and clarifying the misunderstanding.

6)  Written agreement of terms and conditions.

7)  Satisfying client with the quantity of advertisement, and ad campaign.

8)  Providing better marketing services of clients.

9)  Giving due weightage to suggestion of clients.

10) Clients should not unnecessarily interfere in the creative work of ad agency.


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