Custom Auto Paint Jobs

Custom Auto Paint Jobs

All of the awesome auto paint colors are what make cars look great and attract interest from car enthusiasts around the world. Ed Roth broke the mold by altering the stock look with modified body parts, pinstripes, and custom paint. Since then people began customizing cars in every way imaginable. This has created a lot of people interested in custom painting. However, the same rule applied then and still applies today, which is, it does not start with the paint gun, it starts with the wash mitt.

The same thing occurs many times when it come to painting a car. Students tend to rush though the preparation stage and then expect superior end results. Painting is an art and it does take practice. Travel speed, distance, spay pattern overlap, and technique is necessary to learn in order to produce professional results, but more attention needs to be concentrated on preparing the car for paint than the spraying itself.

Here is an example to understand this point. Let’s say that you did not properly wash and clean the vehicle. Then you sanded the car, but fast and sloppy. Lastly, you slap a little tape and paper to mask it off. If Chip Foose (very well known for his painting abilities) came in and painted the car, how would it turn out? Well, it would have dirt in it as we rushed through the preparation process, probably fish eyes in the paint, paint over spray on the glass and moldings where paint seeped though. Well, I guess you could say it would look horrible. The paint would probably peel later due to a loss of adhesion. All of Foose’s abilities are useless if the car is not prepped correctly. This is similar to spending $ 200,000 dollars building a nice home on top of a bad foundation. Even if you use the best materials to built the house, it will fall apart if the foundation is not right. Therefore, assuring that you have a good foundation is important before building a home, just like having a good auto paint job.

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