Custom Lapel Pins Help Dancers Perform Excellently

Dance teams around the world showcase their skills at competitions and tournaments.  Each dancer has something unique and exciting to bring to the event.  That’s why custom lapel pins are so fitting.  They help build upon the dancer’s skills and also give them an award item to work towards.  This makes them the finest dancers they can be in all areas of dance.

Dance instructors can have several different lapel pins created for the year.  Once a dancer demonstrates knowledge and skills of a specific type of dance, they receive a lapel pin that they can wear.  This gives the dancers the opportunity to be awarded several honors throughout their dancing careers.

Custom lapel pins can also be created for family members to wear to show their support for the dance team.  These pins range in size, shape, and color but usually include the name of the team, their mascot or an image representing the dancers, and the year that they were created.  This gives spectators and supporters something to look back on after a competition or tournament is over.

Lapel pins can be awarded at competitions whenever a dancer places.  Die struck lapel pins are perfect because they can be plated in different finishes.  First, Second, and Third Place lapel pins can be Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  You can even use simulated gemstone to differentiate between awards.  We offer a number of different colors.  You can see them by visiting

Prepare for your team’s next competition or tournament by ordering custom lapel pins to hand out.  Not only will it help boost your dancers’ morale, the tokens of appreciation will serve as fond reminders of the time they spent mastering the different styles of dances offered to them through your school or studio.  Request a free price quote and full color digital proof today.


Caryn Smith is Manager of Lapel Pins R Us. When you need affordable, custom lapel pins created, visit or call 1-800-480-6822 toll-free today.

adminCustom Lapel Pins Help Dancers Perform Excellently

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