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If you were to suggest to someone that he/she seek a job with CVS, you might get the following response: “I know it is a great company but I do not have a background in pharmacy work.”

Here is some helpful news about CVS:

CVS is such an expansive company that you do not need a pharmacy background. In fact, you need not even work in the pharmacy or in a store capacity. CVS has scores of warehouse jobs available and it is these jobs which are often overlooked. That is unfortunate as such jobs do provide many excellent employment opportunities.

The most common jobs in a CVS warehouse would be anything to do with shipping and receiving. After all, receivingmerchandise from the distributors does not directly deliver merchandise to individual stores. Yes, there are exceptions to this but mainly the warehouse will act as the “epicenter” for all items and merchandise which will travel through to a store.

Of course, there will be a need for personnel to facilitate such a transfer of goods which is where the shipping and receiving professionals in the warehouse prove so very helpful. They are able to coordinate the work needed to be performed to effectively route such merchandise where it belongs. Many of these jobs do require the aforementioned heavy equipment skills and manual labor experience to perform. However, they are not the totality of the work that needs to be undertaken. There is a great diversity of work that needs to be performed and this means there will also be a similar need for diversity in personnel. This can certainly open doors for those interested in such work.

Does this mean that you need to have specific experience in warehouse related duties in order to work in a CVS owned and operated facility? It would not hurt but there are other options available to those may not possess such a background.

Much like the pharmacy jobs, many will assume they are not experienced enough to work in a warehouse. This is because they assume they will need to operate heavy equipment or perform manual labor. Honestly, such work may be required but it is not the totality of the work that needs to be performed. The most obvious example of work that does not entail manual labor would be management services. Those with such a background could look towards positions along the lines of:

• Department Manager
• Human Resources Manager/Specialist
• Facility Services Manager/Specialist
• Warehouse Director

These are but a few examples of managerial type positions available. There are others and it should also go without saying that corresponding administrative jobs exist as well. This further opens the doors of opportunity for those interested in such positions.

No matter which job you sign on with, you can rest assured that when working for a major company such as CVS, you will gain access to a competitive salary and an equally competitive benefits package. That alone should prove motivation enough for visiting the company’s website and search of openings online. The fact that applying online further adds to the potential ease in landing a job should be another motivating factor.

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