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A translation job is one of the best Czech language jobs you can consider if you are fluent in Czech and an additional language like English. In fact, working as a translator can be rewarding as you can work from your own home, according to your own timings. However as 86% of the world can speak at least two languages, finding Czech language jobs as a translator can be difficult.

The first approach most people use while looking for a translator job is to create an impressive CV and approach translation agencies for Czech jobs. Though you can easily make applications online, a personal interaction and meeting is better as it creates a good impression. This in turn makes the likelihood of landing a jobs Czech much better.

Try freelancing

Another option is looking for customers on your own, or working as a freelance Czech translator. This can be a bit difficult, and you are not assured work all the time, as you would if you worked with an agency. However you can quote and earn better rates and work with a flexible working relationship with the customer.

Instead of sending emails to prospective customers, try sending a fax. People are used to deleting emails they are not interested in; however a fax which they receive early in the morning can get it the special attention to the director’s desk, just what you are looking for.

Instead of manually sending faxes, you could use the Yellow Pages and online directories to find numbers of prospective clients and punch it into an Excel file. Then feed this list you’d created into fax software so that your cover letter is sent overnight while you sleep, and your phone is not in use. This ensures the secretary of prospective clients finds the fax early in the morning, when fresh enough to give a better response to your fax.

Take a look online

You can also look for jobs Czech in translation online where there are websites providing information about agencies and customers who have translation work to be done. You just have to place bids for projects that you think you can handle and see which lucky bid is accepted.

Approaching translation companies directly for Czech language jobs is the best approach for a Czech job as most agencies like working with translators registered in their database. This gives an opportunity for translators to learn from translations made by other translators, and also makes it easier to inform each other about any available Czech language jobs in translation.

Teaching Czech is not a bad idea

Besides translations, teaching Czech is another Czech language job in high demand. International companies with Czech connections require employees who know the language. So there are lots of courses and programs on Czech available today. If you know the language well, you can easily get a jobs Czech teaching in these programs in private institutions, colleges and community centers. With your expertise in Czech, it is up to you to finally decide which of these Czech jobs best fits your interests.


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