Dancers Can Be Dangerous

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This was such a cool experience – a lovely belly dancer (Amy of Gaia Tribal Dance) held a fundraiser at the Wasilla Performing Arts Center in June 2012; she could find any real photographers so she invited me to shoot the event. I rounded up some fellow miscreants and we went for the dress rehearsal and I went back for the actual show the following night. This was my first time shooting a live event with all sorts of action going on, so there was a lot of moving my flash stands; flash was banned on the second night and the lighting level was very low; I was sitting quite a distance from the stage, shooting at max ISO and hoped to get a few decent shots considering all the movement.

The show itself was an absolute blast – Amy did a tremendous job organizing the talent. I wasn’t sure what belly dancing had to do with 1900 Paris but the dancers dressed the part. The show was high energy with great dancers and costumes – I’m glad Amy invited me!

If you own a nightclub where people come to drink and dance, you know that this can be a dangerous situation. Most of the time, people will just have fun and enjoy the music along with their friends. Sometimes, however, things can get a little out of control. This is when someone can get hurt. You need to have club liability insurance to make sure that you can pay if you are held responsible for the things that happened. This might not always be the case, but sometimes you can be held responsible for the mistakes that people make if you did not do enough to keep them safe.

One situation that could lead to your being held responsible for someone’s medical bills is if there is a bit of uneven flooring that has not been marked. Even if this looks like a very obvious step, you need to mark it with signs, paint, or tape. You cannot expect people to notice it and to keep from falling down. You need to remember that it will be dark in the club and everyone will have been drinking. Someone could fall and be hurt, and you want to have done everything in your power to keep it from happening.

Another thing that could happen that could make you responsible for someone’s injury, forcing you to use your club liability insurance, is if you did not mark the fire exits properly. In the unfortunate event of a fire, people could be hurt running around and trying to find the exits. People have even been killed this way. You need to have signs hanging over all of the exit doors. You could also have maps at various places in the building that tell people where to go.

As you can see, there are many things that could go wrong. You can anticipate some of them, but you cannot anticipate them all. There is just no way to know what people are going to do or what is going to happen. In this way, the dancers in the club can be very dangerous to the club itself. If you have to pay for the medical bills that come up as a result of an injury, what is that going to do to your revenue? This could get even worse if the person sues for pain and suffering as well.

In order to make sure that a lawsuit does not make it so that your club has to shut down, you should get club liability insurance. The price is not very high, especially when you consider what you get for it. This can help you to keep your club open and safe for a long time.


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