Data Entry Jobs in 2011

Have you recently lost your job? Or has it been six-months or perhaps a year that you have been searching for a job?

You may want to consider Data Entry; it is a solid occupation that dates back to typewriters and also the early data computing days. Using the creation of PCs Scanners, OCRs, as well as other other input devices you may have believed that this occupation would be in non-existence today. But there still seem like great requirement for individuals to perform data entry work.

Still, Data Entry jobs are even posted on many of the popular Job Boards; accuracy, detail, and speed appears to be an important element for this kind of position – in addition to having some computer skills for the market today.

Kinds of Work

The good news is Data Entry work can be done from home; there are lots of companies which are looking for people to perform certain kinds of data entry work – understandably this really is computer work that machines cannot easily duplicate, e.g. updating Company websites, maintain Social Media accounts, typing blog entries, and writing and submitting articles, for starters.

Supplemental Income

In recent years, we’ve seen many work-at-home opportunities pop-up, the good and the bad. However, many people still find legitimate “work from home” opportunities. In most cases we’ve heard where individuals have made more income a home based job part-time than they did at your regular jobs.

Inside a slow economy people are looking for ways to supplement their income, which have led many to look more closely at work-from-home opportunities.


But exactly how do you know which chance to choose, in his book “How to Easily Attain Your Dream Work-From Home Job,” author Partha Sarkhel says, “We can educate you exactly how to identify the frauds so you can eliminate being scammed right from the very beginning. How awful it is to become scammed out of your savings inside a work-from-home opportunity that never really delivers.”

There are several companies that still train people in Data Entry, one company that’s been around for several years says the Data Entry marketplace is still good and there are lots of types of opportunities for people who can follow a system.


Data Entry has opened up doors for many people to generate money, and not just the normal work-from-home-mom, but University students and Dislocated Workers with moderate computer skills simply to name some; basically anyone looking to supplement their income.

In summary, remember to investigate, and view the various kinds of work-from-home opportunities that are available; make sure it aligns together with your expertise and most of your interest – since they are available.

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