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As a digital marketing agency based in London, we offer the full range of online marketing services – from web design and development to search engine optimisation, and email marketing to social media platform management. The internet is a powerful research tool for customers, and also a very convenient purchasing tool – put the two together, and you can see why the internet is such a powerful sales tool for businesses.

For further information on the different services a digital marketing agency can offer you, please see below.

Web Development

This is a key service offered by online marketing agencies – whereby they design and build a website for your business. They might build it bespoke, or use a popular open source program such as WordPress or Magento. A decent agency will take it upon themselves to make the right decision for your website based on your requirements.

Search Engine Marketing

This includes both organic search engine optimisation, and Pay Per Click – where you pay for advertisements in the search engines. One example of this program is Google Adwords – whereby you bid on your target keywords to show at the top and to the right of the search engine results. People often ask what are the advantages and disadvantages to these two different disciplines, and in all honesty, a combination of both is usually most effective. However it is important to note that research has found that internet users typically ‘trust’ organic search results more than paid ones. Similarly, there are long term benefits to SEO, as once your business has gained good rankings in the search engine, they can continue to deliver high levels of traffic over an extended period of time. However PPC bills continue to pile up – as soon as you stop paying for the advertisements, your position on the top and right disappears.

Email Marketing

Many people argue that email marketing has become redundant in the face of the explosion of mobile communication and social media platforms. However the fact remains that, especially in the workplace, people do continue to use email communications, and therefore it remains a viable online marketing tactic, especially for businesses. A digital marketing agency can design, code and send out email marketing campaigns for you in a secure, professional and legal way – and it is highly advised you engage a professional agency if you want to begin mass email communications.

Social Media Marketing

This is the new kid on the block – and a medium that is getting a large amount of headlines. Businesses are rushing to get presences on Facebook, Twitter et al. – in an attempt to try and take advantage of the enormous level of engagement these networks are experiencing with their customers. The tricky part remains that these are very social environments for Users – and often Users are resistant to business messaging within this medium. The imperative for businesses therefore is to find a way to engage in a social way with their customers on these platforms – eg. celebrity news, competitions etc.

Joanna Winch, an experienced journalist, is writing about digital marketing in Clapham, London. To find out more about digital marketing agencies in South London, you can visit this website.

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