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How to Find a Model Agency

Most teenagers don’t appreciate how confounding it can be to get represented in the modeling business. Reality is, there are scores of modeling agencies in America alone not to count foreign countries. So, where do you get started in finding the exact one?

Check yourself out in the mirror

Which agency you need will sometimes be determined by your look and physical characteristics. If you truly have all the attributes, then you’ll want to check this first section.

The Major Modeling Markets

Most of the major model agents are based in large cities such as New York, Miami, Chicago or Los Angeles. You can sometimes find branches of these model reps in other medium to large cities throughout the USA.

Below, you will find some of the top model companies in the country and you may want to contact several of them. They include:



– Women / Supreme

— Ford

– Next

– Elite

– Wilhelmina and others considered in the top listings.

Any of these agencies will be able to let you know if you are modeling material but don’t just accept the first “No” you hear as definitive.

For instance ..

Elvis Presley was turned down for his singing ability and told that he would never make it in the business. The words were something to the effect that he should continue his job as a truck driver.

Once upon a time a musical group was turned down by a record company because “groups using guitars were on their way out”. This band was The Beatles!!

Tyra Banks was rejected by 4 out of 5 agencies and barely made it through the fifth door. Also turned down at one time or another were Cindy Crawford and most of the other superstars.

But, they all had one thing in common, dedication and persistence. They didn’t take the first no as an insult. If you are turned down by an agency, go on to the next, and the next. Remember, it’s always too soon to quit!

The paramount question I can think to ask is; “How devoted are you to doing the really tough work involved to become a model?”

It’s a very aggressive field and only those ready to put in the hours of practice and the other time it takes to make contact after contact with model agencies will be able to work in the modeling business.

Local Model Companies

If you don’t have the physical attributes as specified above or if you are more interested in pursuing model in your local area, don’t give up. There’s still hope to work as a model in a local agency.

Here are a few tips if you plan to advertise yourself locally…

If you plan to promote yourself locally put together a professional book of pictures and keep contacting model agencies & photographers who may need your services.

A) Set goals for what you want and keep at it.

B) Drive clear of agents who ask for large sums of cash for so-called “training” unless you feel that you just want that specific experience.

There are plenty of genuine agencies out there. Check them out with BBB, other models and any other resources you might have accessible.

C) Instruction from consumer advocates, – talk to former (modeling) customers and ex-agency employees for avoiding model scams:

Avoid paying fees in advance. Accredited agencies make their money from commissions. If you’re asked to pay for extra comp cards or listing fees, check out the company with the Better Business Bureau and state consumer officials.

If you are asked to sign a deal, take it home first. If they say no, walk away.

Ask for reference lists of clients and ask what kinds of jobs the agency books.

D)Talk to other active models whenever possible. They can give you valuable perception and maybe guide you to a good agency or clients.

E) For safety reasons, always take someone with you when going to photo shoots, open calls or interviews with agents. – SAFETY FIRST! I can’t dwell on this enough!

The message listed here are just the commencement in your model career! Take your time to learn everything you can about modeling before “hopping in” and you will have an easier time than those who don’t. Best of luck in finding modeling agencies to begin your experience!!

Modeling photographer Bob Pardue gives advice for new models and the site gives lots of valued material about modeling. Get going with your new career. Check out the directory at female modeling agencies . Also, go to female models to get even more guidance for starters.

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