Dragon Nest – Level 70 EX Skills

Dragon Nest – Level 70 EX Skills

Academic ▷ Magma Wave EX – 0:11 • The magma region stays on the field after the skill casting. Deal continous damage to enemies in the AOE for 3 sec. Full hi…
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adminDragon Nest – Level 70 EX Skills

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  1. AngeL Anne

    as a Sniper lv60,i NEVER use Arrow Shower at pvp especially 1 vs 1..
    and now,they add an EX to the Arrow Shower..doesnt make a difrent…
    still useless for pvp. . sigh

  2. philipooi94

    can i ask something..? does the HMS damage increase for the first hit too?
    or the first hit is the same, and the 2nd hit does 30% of the first hits

  3. Rashad Dent

    Ps. The Kali got a skill that resembles hurricane dance it’s a little
    unfair that they don’t have to connect it like we do. Just want to throw
    another example on how the Tempest has been cheated.

  4. medwil1

    How can I set half moon slash on the EX version. I ask because I found a
    lot of these videos but I do not find an answer about how this can be

  5. Rashad Dent

    Are you kidding?! with classes that stop you in your tracks making an
    agility based character pretty much useless.were not the other class it’s
    all skill that seperates us from the other classes .we fight close range
    like a tanky warrior but we have to avoid damage more well if we even can.
    I go five seconds without flinching my ass off for every god damn skill
    every one has and don’t even get me started about the inquisitors or the
    whole cleric lineup. who gives a class the ability to stop you in your
    tracks and heal itself while you have to sit there and watch until there
    other skill wears off. Like I said before tempest are all skill we don’t
    get the luxury of spamming one or two buttons into a crowd then go fuck off
    and do something else everything in its path gets damage . Oh, almost
    forgot about the aoe thing oh yeah that’s right we don’t really have one so
    it will be nice to do a fair amount of damage and keep our skill and time
    based Evasions to at least try to combat the bullshit from other classes.

  6. FTErza

    I have the japanese voice packs in my game folder, and tbh that makes my
    gameplay even more exciting cuz I can recognize some of the voices there,
    like Aya Hirano, Daisuke Namikawa and Rie Kugimiya! It’s like hearing Lucy
    Heartfilia, Jellal Fernandez and Happy in this game! <3

  7. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

    Lol bind relic is now an underdog skill for gravity ascension. Elestra the
    favorite with the best skills. GM ex skills most useless in pvp.

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