Engaging In A Temp Agency

The first thing one should expect from a Temp Agency is that one will be tested on their skills. Expect to spend a couple of hours with the Tester and Recruiter. Get to know your Recruiter as this is the person who will be introducing one to their new position. A great Recruiter will want to get to know you. A great client will try and help things along. Give honest answers and expect the same in return.

Don’t forget to bring along a current resume. Don’t make it lengthy, cut it down to only one page and make it interesting. Ensure that all skills are listed correctly and that all dates match up to the present. Give special attention to your skill sets and bring it to the attention of the Recruiter. References can be included at this time or given when one accepts a job offer.

Knowing what you want to make in terms of salary and what your long term goals are important. Have in mind what those figures may be and what is acceptable. If working with a Temp. Agency for the meantime while one looks for permanent work is the objective then let her know that. Most Placement Agencies have both a temporary and permanent division.

Does this Agency come highly recommended by a friend or did one find it listed on a website. Word of mouth is about the best advertisement any person could ever have. Is the Agency pleasantly gifted with great, friendly staff.

Do they have many jobs that are suited to your particular talents. If not, this is a waste of time on both parts. Try and find a Placement Agency that is geared towards your charms and gifts. Working with a Temp. Agency is a great way to get back into the work force or possibly a way to earn a living while looking for a perfect permanent spot.

Do you see many ads frequently posted on the online websites. If there are not many jobs that are posted how will this Agency receive qualified help. Do they have a website one can visit and peruse through?

Is the Recruiter professional and detailed. Can one get answers from her quickly and accurately or does she hesitate to answer the questions. Most Recruiters are very personable and gifted when it comes to hindsight. A Temp. Recruiter has seen many clients during her day and can generally tell if she can place her client. Getting the client into the right spot will take some back and forth questions to be asked and answered. This can sometimes get tricky as there are instances where one hasn’t really quite made up their minds yet.

What are the procedures for Timesheets and how will one get paid. Will a fax copy of the Timesheet be acceptable or will one need to get to the Employment Agency by a certain time-frame. Does the Agency do Direct Deposit or will the check get mailed to your home address?

Hiring the wrong person can end up costing three times a yearly salary, use our permanent recruitment to effectively hire the right person the first time.

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