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Engineering is a great field to be trained in if you want to work in Australia, as there is a distinct shortage of skilled labour in that field. If you register with recruitment agency that specialises in your field, be sure to find out what area of the country they work in. Australia is a big area and the climate differs considerably from one area to another. If you want to work in a specific area you need to be sure to get a job there, otherwise you could be many days’ journey away from it.


While you are sure to be welcomed with open arms in Australia if you are a skilled engineer, you do have to have your qualifications assessed by the governing body of your field of engineering in Australia. This can take up to eight weeks. More information and a downloadable application form can be found at


Engineering professionals are being offered lucrative salary packages and incentives in Australia, due to the shortage of skilled workers. Other areas that are associated with engineering such as tunnelling, building construction, traffic and transport, civil construction and many others also have many vacancies. Many of these jobs are in the eastern states of Australia, with around 40% of construction jobs outside of the capital cities. Mining is carried out in every state, with a significant number of jobs available in Western Australia and Queensland.

There are many online classified job sites available to help you in your quest for an engineering job in Australia. You can register with these sites for up to two years before you move. When applying for a specific job it is generally advised to wait until one month before your arrival date. This gives you time to sort out your arrival and get settled before you need to go to work.


If you register with a site that is especially for engineering jobs, then you will see that there are a great number of job vacancies in that field of work. You can just about take your pick of where in Australia you would like to be situated. Many job sites also help you with information about your visa and other things you need to know if you are migrating.


Once you’ve decided to make the move to Australia there are many aids to help you with the details of moving and gaining employment. Online job boards are probably the easiest way to get started as they link to information that you need to know to make the move. You will soon find yourself living a new lifestyle and with many new friends. Browse the 1000′s of Engineering Jobs posted every day in every state of Australia.


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