Ex-stripper Renee Talley bum implant went wrong

Ex-stripper Renee Talley bum implant went wrong

Plastic surgery gone wrong: Renee Talley, a former stripper and VIP nightclub hostess in Las Vegas, had butt implants to get a bigger behind. Unfortunately t…
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adminEx-stripper Renee Talley bum implant went wrong

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  1. gayfarmerboy

    WHYYYYY? Why do people do this? She had a nasty ass to begin with. Then she
    proceeds to double it’s size? Don’t people realize what’s natural looks
    best, because it is NATURAL. I’ve never seen one single cosmetic surgery
    that I thought in the end looked better. Even if physically it may have
    improved looks the thought in the back of my mind that “it’s fake and she
    only did it because she’s insecure with no self esteem and craving
    attention” just cannot let me see the hype of implants. Disgusting

  2. Rina H.

    Some like the big round mounds of female flesh up top in the front, some
    like them back in the trunk. Personally I feel sorry for a girl with a
    small, flat butt! Looks like a child. Round booty is best. But everyone’s
    body and preferences are different. I for one do not prefer implants
    anywhere.. especially THAT large. How would a person even sit down? I think
    it would feel like alien baby… in the butt!

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