Extreme Dancehall 2014 Explicit HD

Dance: A Di Gyal Dem Wi Love Location: Round Hill, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica Date: February 2014 Performers: Bluntas Girls (from Clarendon, Jamaica) Songs 00:00…

Alexia Jobs -Testimonial Video din partea unei animatoare romance

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AlexiaJobs – Oferim locuri de munca ca dansatoare in strainatate in cele mai bune localuri de noapte AGENTIA NOASTRA VA OFERA: P…
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adminExtreme Dancehall 2014 Explicit HD

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  1. Annalee Billings

    One thing for sure they are alive full of life the video was good but the
    comments are even better ha ha ha ha ha hear me laugh ha ha ha ha

  2. Rhe Mckenzie

    To all the haters out there, you cannot judge all Jamaican people off of
    one video and get your facts straight before judging us because I sure know
    that you would hate if us Jamaicans watch a video with Americans doing the
    same damn thing, then start judging you based on one video so stop being so
    biased against us.

  3. Adenlike Buchanan

    LOL..the comments though!!!…Yeah and ummm I’m a die hard dancehall
    fan….but……this….shit…right…here? Is giving my beloved dancehall
    a very bad vile disgusting name…

  4. mary jane

    what was the ax chopping wood in the middle of the dancefloor about? I’m
    Jamaican but sometimes my people just confuse the shit out of me with their
    level of extraness.

  5. June Renolt

    lol! this is some hilarious $h!T! OMG! first, I would be so embarrased for
    a man to do this to me in public, but then, damn! he must be crazy in bed.
    OMG! blushin!

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