Family Suing NY Nursing Home Over Male Stripper

Family Suing NY Nursing Home Over Male Stripper

An 85-year-old woman with dementia had a male stripper straddle her against her will at her Long Island nursing home, according to a lawsuit filed by her fam…

adminFamily Suing NY Nursing Home Over Male Stripper

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  1. coxanova g

    Another story said the “party” was for the old lady’s birthday. If her
    “concerned” son was there for his moms birthday-this shit would have never

  2. khaluu2000

    I’ve worked with dementia patients, they make stuff up. It’s not that they
    wanted to, but parts of their brain connect the wrong things together. I
    believe she doesn’t know what’s best. Also I believe this sort of activity
    shouldn’t be done at a nursing home. It’s a bit controversial in the
    context of “quality care”. They shouldve done something more productive
    with their money then hiring a stripper.

  3. necessaryevil455

    Money wouldn’t have been the only thing my grandma would’ve been put in his
    shorts. woot woot!

  4. Phil Sr

    Sue. Sue. Sue. Sue. Hit’em in the pocketbook. That’s the only action money
    rakers understand. My grandfather would have liched him on the spot. It
    would be a public hanging. The body would remain on the tree for 14 days.
    That’s called uncivilized. This behavior and conduct is uncivilized. 

  5. ThisIsTurok1

    If only she wore a hoodie….
    Obama – “If I had a grandmother…she would look just like this old woman”

  6. LuckyMarketGameplay

    I hope that guy loses and has to pay all related court fees.
    Shame on him for shaming his mother for keeping a picture of her last good
    Seeing as she never told him, never complained, and he *found* the picture
    himself, I really don’t see what his problem is. Now you’re just
    embarassing your elderly mother with little time left in this world.

  7. DeCherry Hill

    grandma look like she was force to make that statement out of embarrassment
    and shame from her sons reaction.

  8. jen whatuthinking

    Now that’s some low down sh^t. You know better than that! Now that poor
    old lady will have dreams of days long gone for weeks.

  9. Skippa Leflippa

    Just another day in the USA
    -they (the elders) requested it
    -attendance was not compulsory
    -she has dementia
    -there is a photo of her placing money in the stripper’s underwear 

  10. moonylight07

    I bet he only suing for the money. Don’t see any harm of the old lady
    getting a stripper dance old people need some excitement. He seem like a
    horrible son make the whole world know his mom got a stripper dance XD. 

  11. EstherJudithMiriam SarahRahabMary

    I sure hope the son remove his mother from the residence of the nursing
    home, the nurses and staff can be cruel sometimes to pts for various
    reasons and this fiasco is a sure way for the mother to be bullied by staff
    or mistreated. Either way the male stripper was unappropriated they could
    have gotten a better source of entertainment for the elderly… 

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