Final Fantasy Tactics How to get all jobs

Final Fantasy Tactics How to get all jobs

This video was made to show you guys all of the job classes and the prequisites to get certain jobs for the psx version of final fantasy tactics. Please comm…
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Take a walk in the footsteps of Kateryna Szewczyk as she completes 5 jobs in 5 states in 5 weeks! This is a pilot internship program through Daniel Seddiqui….
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  1. Jon Moore

    i got master knight, master black wizard, lvl 8 ninja, samurai, geomancer,
    and lancer but dark knight isn’t unlocked..anything else i need to do or

  2. KetsuRosataMalnor

    @TheCOBRATROOPER I use Ramza as my Dark Knight. Orlandeau if I want to be
    cheap, Arias, Ninja, Mustadio as a chemist, Meliadoul, and Beowulf, if I
    don’t want to be cheap with Orlandeau.

  3. DKzain23

    @TheCOBRATROOPER yea, i jus unlocked onion knight today, i felt like all
    the effort i put into it was for nothing since the only thing it cn do is
    equip all kinds of weapons.. pretty weak lol

  4. KetsuRosataMalnor

    @chidolopez100 Holy Knights are only for special characters like Agrias and
    Delita. They do not actually exist in the game unless you play a
    hacked/cheated version.

  5. Demoncradle

    Learn Ultima from The asassins or ultima demons in ch.4 to master the
    squire job for ramza and the game hunter job for Luso if you’re playing the
    psp version. Luso can learn it in the last battle of chapter 3 but it’s
    kind of a pain to do so.

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