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Are you looking for a job in the NHS? As one of the largest employers in the UK and continually expanding their services, there is always NHS jobs available. The service employs over 1.3 million people across the UK in industries such as medicine, care, administration, cleaning, finance, HR, scientific research and many more.

Nurses can be one of the most criticised jobs in the NHS, but what does the job really involve? We’ve put together a detailed job description of nurses roles in the NHS to help you decide if one of the most popular jobs in the NHS is for you…

Under this more generic job description, your role as a nurse could be more varied or specialist according to your previous qualifications, experience and the ward you work on within the hospital. General Nurses will be trained to give all kinds of care, from administering medicine, offering patients or carers advice, providing support to doctors and/or surgeons and much more. This role is varied but on a whole, you’ll be working with colleagues in an attempt to improve patients health in any way possible.

You’ll need to have great people skills when dealing with patients, to ensure you can improve their time in hospital, whether this is through pain relief or simply a quick chat in the morning as your doing the rounds. You’ll see hundreds of patients going in and out a hospital on one day alone, so you’ll need to ensure that you’re approachable, patient, understanding and much more to ensure you can effectively deal with patients, no matter their situation.

In this NHS job, you’ll be working with higher professionals such as specialists, doctors and surgeons to devise and implement unique care plans, tailored to the specific patient’s health needs. You’ll be offering your opinion based on your own one-to-one interaction with the patient, while taking guidance from your superiors. You’ll need to monitor the health of your patients, assessing the effectiveness of the medication and relaying feedback to your supervisor.

Below, we’ve compiled a few of the key skills you need for a nursing job in the NHS:
Approachable – patients may be afraid of admitting certain things, and so being easy to talk to will mean your patients are more likely to be honest with you allowing you to improve your care for them.

Patience – You’ll need to be patient when dealing with members of the public, keeping calm under pressure.

Friendly – You’ll be working with the public day in day out, and so being friendly and establishing relationships with patients and their family members will make your job a whole lot easier, while also cheering patients up to.

Communication – You work involves patient’s health and potentially saving their life, so good communication skills to ensure the right treatment and care is administered to the patient is a must.

Sensitivity – You may have to deal with very troubling and sensitive issues throughout your work, so ensuring you can be sensitive to the patient’s needs while also carrying out your tasks will help you massively as a nurse.

Accuracy – You need to be ‘on the ball’ and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. Administering the wrong medication to a patient could have lethal consequences!

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