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Finding a job in banking might have become more difficult over the last few years, thanks to the global economic meltdown many banks were bailed out by the public or merged with other banks. Recruitment might have been cut back as a result of the recession, but there are still great jobs available for the right candidate, whether it’s graduate, trainee or senior specialists. Finding a good recruitment agency is one of the best ways of finding a new job in finance or banking. But what should you look for in a recruitment agency?

Have they got the jobs you want?
The easiest place to start looking for a job is on the internet, and by looking at the recruitment agencies’ websites you’ll soon get a feel for the types of jobs they offer. Do they carry many financial and banking jobs with types of institutions you are eager to enter? Location is also a key consideration, so decide on what destinations you are willing to work in and find a recruitment agency which carries jobs in that area.

To get the best from a recruitment agency, ensure that they have a dedicated recruitment officer working on your behalf. When working with an agency it is really beneficial if there is one dedicated professional who you can contact and consult on interviews or job selection.

The most crucial element of course, is whether they will be able to find you the type of job you are looking for. Advertising jobs is one thing, but it might pay to ask about their track record of placing candidates in financial and banking roles. This is often about recommending the right person for the right position, and success can lead to recruiters valuing the agency’s recommendations.

What Next?
A good recruitment agency should organise several interviews for jobs you are suitable for. They should know the roles that you want and are appropriate for, and can increase your success at interviews simply by matching your skills and attributes with the positions available. Once the interviews have taken place there should be a number of job offers, and then the agency should negotiate the best employment package from your employers as well as advising you on the best career choices.

The recession may have dented financial recruitment, but many institutions have learnt that drastically cutting back on the acquisition of fresh, new talent leads to skills shortages in the future. Finding a job in finance and banking might take some time and effort, but the sector can offer unparalleled remuneration and opportunity for career progression.

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