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  1. Justcallmekayable

    If he getting chicks like he claim then he would have been enjoying that
    dancer up on him. Now if he had a woman then he wouldnt be in a strip club
    to begin with because being there is disrespectful but being single and
    supposedly straight turning it down makes no sense. But he is gay in my
    oppinion calling Rich homie Quan his Hubbie other dudes lover and babe and
    wearing dresses ….What STRAIGHT man does that !? Hell now days even
    chicks would have loved a dance from her ! LMBO

  2. tyhouston26

    And u ugly yourself. …..stop hating on him…that bitch put her ass on
    every nigga. If the ain’t fucking me then bitch move. Young Thug make great
    music and you broke and never had a bad chick in your life…I’ll put 5,000
    g’s on the table you won’t walk up on him and rap your mouth to him. Stop

  3. Nicolas Zapata

    I would of tooken that dancer straight to my personal space 69 :). What
    happened to the days when men were men? Maybe women are crazier because
    there’s a decline in real men lol. 

  4. Richye Porter

    he not gay like you you a freakin thought so shut up you are so ugly with
    your messed up style you a stupid gay freak you stupid
    girl go kiss your boyfreind i hope you die tonight

  5. Joshua Newsone

    Stop arguing with these blind brain dead sheeple. They believe the
    television is reality and their own lives to be the fiction. So, if you
    believe a grown man can wear panties, dresses and shit and not be gay then
    cool. That’s your opinion. 

  6. redtre125

    Im not really a fan but really i dont see nothing wrong with what he did.
    Chicks be scandalous in the strip club. Look like just walked up on him
    trying to get a tip or give him dance. He probably already got a dance from
    her so he tipped her and slid,lol. That shit happen to me before so i kno
    the feeling. I dont really listen to his music but i dont see nothing wrong
    with what he did in the clip. At least he tipped her

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