Former stripper testifies, says deadly crash was an accident

Former stripper testifies, says deadly crash was an accident

Thursday, as testimony wrapped up, her defense called just one witness — Brittany Miles herself. We heard about the DUI arrest, and how Miles escaped her ha…
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adminFormer stripper testifies, says deadly crash was an accident

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  1. Mr. Mayhem

    Stupid bitch killed an innocent man driving drunk and fucked up on drugs
    while outrunning the police. She gets zero sympathy from me.
    How different is that than if me or you got so drunk we couldn’t think
    straight, got mad at someone and shot them or stabbed them?
    No way we’d do that if we were straight, just like her, so what’s the
    We can’t take it back, which is what she thinks she can do.
    Make one wrong choice and your life can change forever in a split second.

  2. 5Mariner

    I’d like to ask her, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!!!

    99.9% of the time, trying to outrun the police on the road always ends in
    tragedy. Even when you’re not impaired by drugs or alcohol it never ends
    well. When one tries to run from the police, not only do they put
    themselves at risk, but they also put everyone who is on or near the road
    is at risk as well.

    And not just that. She was already impaired by alcohol. Why would she
    swallow about a dozen pills of oxycodone?! Even without the alcohol its
    dangerous. And then she gets behind the wheel while she’s feeling the
    effects of the drugs?! For God’s sake lady!! Where was that little voice in
    your head saying, “Don’t do that, You won’t get very far, You’ll get
    yourself killed, Or you’ll get ‘somebody else’ killed, Stop the car!” ?

    You know, Brittany Miles may not be a malicious murderer. But she
    definitely is one of the stupidest people on Earth! 

  3. RandallFlaggNY

    This case stinks. First degree? No way. Where is the premeditation? How is
    the public’s interest served incarcerating this women for another 50+

  4. 5Mariner

    She got drunk behind the wheel, she ran from police, she injured one of
    them, and finally she killed a person. She clearly dug her own grave and
    put the nails in her own coffin!

  5. killer3596

    Your definition of morality is warped and you don’t speak for society.
    You’re just a stupid fascist asshole looking to put those who think like
    you on a pedestal while demonizing everyone else. Grow a brain.

  6. killer3596

    LoL! Very good. That is indeed another card. You follow instructions very
    well. Wrong again though almighty oracle. Keep trying, sooner or later
    you’ll get it. Homophobic too huh? How about sexist? You got that one
    covered too, you bigoted waste of life? Just keep waiting for Armageddon
    like the sullen troll you are. Cross your fingers & hope the world dies.
    Meanwhile, humanity is too busy to notice that you’re pissing away the only
    life you’ll ever have on hate. You are a sad, insecure bitch.

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