Frank Mills – Music box dancer

Frank Mills – Music box dancer

1979, Frank Mills.
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adminFrank Mills – Music box dancer

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  1. Stephen Simpson

    I remember this as the theme for the 1978 Commonwealth Games on Radio 2 I
    think. I have always liked this tune ever since and thanks to an episode of
    The Simpsons I finally discovered what it was called. One of the best piano
    pieces of music I have ever heard.

  2. billsfanaddict

    me & my brother used to listen to this cassette in our Grandmother’s car
    just about every single time we went somewhere as kids… then, in college,
    i was trying to find it [with nothing to go on except the sound of it in my
    head] for weeks b/c my memory of her was slipping ‘n it bothered me
    greatly. Then, im sleeping in my bedroom one night and ppl are in the
    lounge watching TV at 330am, & i hear it[!], it was on a commercial on usa,
    I explode out of my sleep/bed screaming “whats the title whats the title” &
    crying, scared the heck out about a dozen ppl [sleeping & not], but i got
    my answer! a few months later i bought my gf at the time a music box with
    the song at a flew market, i probably used it more than she did.
    Point Being…: i like this song:)

  3. Asokan Ponnusamy

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how these 126 people could even think
    of pressing the dislike button. I think they are deriving some devious
    pleasure by getting others shell-shocked. Cruel game, indeed!

  4. Andrew Szewczak

    I remember this song when I was little, heard it a lot back then
    (79′-80′s), then saw it used in the background of a Simpsons episode where
    Grandpa flashed back to a time when Homer was a graceful ballerina…

  5. Elizabeth Dashiell

    Love reading these comments. When I was little, I thought I was the only
    one to “discover” this song. I tuned into my classic radio channel every
    day, all day in hopes of hearing it when I would dance around madly by
    myself. Just told my girls about “the happiest song I remember” and pulled
    this up. On a plus side, I discovered the joys of classical music because
    of it. Amazing how much impact a song can have one someone’s life. 

  6. David Kibler

    My parents had this record and I would listen to it when I got home from
    kindergarten. Loved it. I would listen to it over and over. It is so
    beautiful, hope-filled, innocent, and inspiring. Definitely a trip down
    memory lane.

  7. Al Barany

    I can’t believe that 126 people, as indicated above, didn’t like this piece
    of music. It’s a beautiful piece of music. Loved it when it first came out
    and still do to this day. The world was a happier, safer, place at that

  8. ILovestorms

    I remember hearing this back in the 80s when I was a kid. It’s music is
    just as beautiful now as it was then.

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