Garment factories as sweat shops

Garment factories as sweat shops
Helena Waldmann, renowned Berlin-based director, came to Bangladesh to incorporate one of the most controversial issues of Bangladesh in her new production, “Made in Bangladesh”. She uses 'exploitation' and 'dance' as subjects in her work, which is …
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CO says multicultural events 'remind us who we are as a Navy'
They were different ages and ranks, and they did different jobs across the Navy. “That's what these multicultural events do for us,” said Shevchuk, commanding officer of … As a choreographer and dance coordinator for the Filipino-American Association …
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Alton based dance group Kings and Queens on BGT later
Dancer Katja says it is a big change from professional competitions: "This was more about us creating something interesting, something that will bring that dancing into the next level and that's what we've got to do. "We really got that response from …
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